Quick and Easy Modern Crochet: No Jangle Bangle

showing the no jangle bangle bracelets

It’s no secret. I love small crochet projects. Have you noticed? I especially love ones that can be made EASILY and QUICKLY. And since I really love making jewelry, it’s a BONUS if the project needs NO FINDINGS whatsoever! Therefore, I am so HAPPY to introduce the No Jangle Bangle, a quick and easy crochet bracelet, made with DK (3) yarn that slips right on your wrist!

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I LOVE bangles. However, I don’t like them banging against my desk, my laptop keyboard, or myself! That’s why these bangles are so perfect. They hold their shape well, especially if made with the MOST AWESOME CotLin DK yarn from We Crochet! They make no noise, hence the name No Jangle Bangle. These bangles also aren’t in your way when you’re working or typing or crocheting or whatever you need to do to make it through your day!


If you haven’t had the PLEASURE of trying out CotLin DK yarn yet, it comes HIGHLY recommended by ME! I’ve been wanting to get my hands on it for a while, and it didn’t disappoint. It’s SOFT, but you can definitely tell it is more than just cotton. The linen gives it a little something extra. CotLin is a combination of lightweight Tanguis cotton and summer linen. It makes great bracelets (AND CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS!–check out the sample star ornaments I made HERE. And be sure to grab the Festive Fir Ornament pattern for more ways to use this awesome CotLin yarn! So far, I’ve loved all the yarn I’ve received from We Crochet. If you’re looking for great yarn at great prices, and a company that is FOR designers, testers, crocheters and crafters, don’t hesitate to check out We Crochet!

One of my favorite things about this small crochet project is that you can make it in solid colors or stripes. Now, you may be rolling your eyes right now, thinking, COLOR CHANGES? ENDS TO WEAVE IN! NO THANK YOU! Put all that nonsense from your mind. You won’t weave a single end into a stitch in this pattern. I promise! They all get hidden, safe and secure without a worry and without having your bangles sit un-worn in your WIP pile for eons!


Now, if an easy pattern with no ends to weave in isn’t enough… Should being customizable to fit anyone not be enough… If the fact that it can be made in a flash doesn’t appeal enough… Finally, if being available to purchase RIGHT NOW isn’t enough… Then, perhaps getting the pattern for free through the Winter Wonders Blog Hop today ONLY will GRAB YOUR ATTENTION!

This small crochet project is featured today in the Winter Wonders blog hop hosted by Ned and Mimi, please click on the roundup button for further details and to get the coupon code for the No Jangle Bangle!

Once you’ve got the coupon code, you can link directly to the pattern from the Ned and Mimi Blog. However, you can also jump straight to the pattern in Ravelry by clicking on the button below! Don’t forget that you’ll need the coupon code that can be found on the Ned and Mimi Blog to get the pattern for free! (11/29)

While you’re over in Ravelry, be sure to take advantage of the Thanksgiving sale I have going on through the end of the month!


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